TARA Playshops

Mask-Making, Poetry and Performance Playshops for young people!

Tara is back at Triveni with it's forth series of Playshops - Tara and the Creatures of the Wilderness with Tansy Troy at Triveni Kala Sangam for seven Sundays from October 8th - November 26th, 2023 ( One week Diwali break in between on 12th November ) 

The Playshops will culminate in a performance devised by the participating students on Sunday 26th November on the stage of Triveni Amphitheatre!

What will we make, what will we do?
*DESIGN and create new masks and puppets of mammals, insects and amphibians
*SCULPT and structure a jungle set for a show
*SCRIPT poetry and playlets
*PERFORM on the iconic Triveni Amphitheatre Stage
This Playshop is for young people : Age 7 to 11 years! 
Playshop Fee: Rs.6000/- + GST (Rs.7080/-) ( For complete series of Seven Playshops )


Week 1: Sunday 8th October 2023

Tara and the Cats: big, small and wild
We will: explore stripes, spots and symmetry; how to make a 3D tiger mask

Week 2: Sunday 15th October 2023

Make origami frogs
Singing With Frogs
We will: study, paint and draw a range of indigenous frogs to create frog stick puppets
Learn a frog chorus and play ‘leap frog’

Week 3: Sunday 22nd October 2023

Walking With Elephants
We will: draw elephants, both realistic and stylized
Write elephant poems to perform
Choreograph and elephant dance

Week 4: Sunday 29th October

Flying With Insects
We will: explore the rarest, biggest, smallest, boldest species of Indian butterflies and dragonflies
Make our own wings OR Create a grasshopper headdress
Leap like crickets, hum and buzz like bees
Balance like beetles on a blade of grass

Week 6: Sunday 5th November

Replanting the Wilderness
We will: print and paint giant jungle plants to make a set for the show
Explore and sculpt giant forest orchids
String together a jungle canopy of leaves

Week 6: Sunday 19th November 2023


Of: The Terrible Tiger play
Our Elephant Poems
Our Frog Chorus
Our Insect Choreography

WEEK 7: Sunday 26th November

PERFORMANCE for an audience on the AMPHITHEATRE STAGE at Triveni Kala Sangam

Tansy Troy teaches for the love of sharing stories with children all over the world
through melody, rhythm, mask and movement.  Prior to the Tara adventure, Tansy performed for and with young people throughout the UK, France, Japan and India in schools, children's centres, theatres and concert halls.  She currently works as Leader of Learning for Drama at King's College India and in the holidays, reaches out to the children of remote Himalayan communities through music and art playshops and the young people's journal - Apple Press, which she edits and curates. 

‘My kids flourished under the Tara workshops at Triveni centre. Tansy is able to magically coax the performer out from the shy children too. The best part is the kids do everything themselves -on stage and off stage from making the props and even doing their own makeup on the day of the performance.  Thank you for taking them under your wing Tansy.’

-Sarah Jacob, NDTV Present, Triveni Playshop Parent


‘Tansy's workshops have this magical quality to get into the skin of the character effortlessly without making it look hard or laboured. My son looks forward to her workshops!’

- Shantala, Triveni Playshop Parent


‘We met Tara the compass crow when our family just arrived to India from Spain, I enrolled my kids to the workshop, and it’s fantastic! They enjoyed the creativity and activities. All family we
love Tansy’s workshop, it’s makes perfect connection for our children their experience of life from Europe to Asia, also let them enjoy the adventure and diversity of culture.’

- Yu, Triveni Playshop Parent


‘The zest, the zeal we see in the kids performing the Tara Show is out of this world. They literally enjoy performing their characters. Their excitement makes the show more interesting. I always love to watch Niyati performing so confidently and naturally. The backdrops, sounds, lights,
costumes and kids performing makes the show magnificently mesmerising. 
Good luck to the team Tara. Keep Rocking!

- Sandhya, Parent of Young Performer

‘We absolutely love the workshop! Found it so interactive and inspiring. It was amazing how Tansy could handle so many expressive children with her fabulous team. The way Tansy and her team incorporated dance and costume and acting and storytelling was really remarkable. We just
simply cannot wait to the next workshop. It was also fabulous to experience Triveni too and
have a lovely coffee and healthy snack while waiting to pick up we also appreciated the
opportunity to explore the galleries after the class and see some truly inspiring works.’

- Meetu, Triveni Playshop Parent


‘After each Playshop performance, I've sat with wonder at how so much fun, beauty, imagination, learning and growing can be packed into a few hours of playshopping!!! My daughter has absolutely relished her sessions with Tansy. We couldn't have asked for a more engaging, inspiring and gentler introduction to theater and performing for a young child.’

- Anusha, Triveni Playshop Parent


‘The workshop with the children at Tara Homes led by Tansy was the most wonderful way for
the children to step into a world of mask making, becoming birds. Tansy introduced them to a
range of activities - from icebreakers to movement games - which made them feel at ease. They started making bird sounds, movements and sang poems together of real and mythical birds. For many of them it was the first time that they were doing an activity where they were using a different paper which could be molded to different shapes and stitched over in combination with textiles to create bird masks. Many also stitched for the first time. A new paper, new skills and a new materiality of this kind offered to them a new way of experiencing and understanding art making. And while making masks was only the start of this activity, the performative aspect of wearing a mask was also very exciting for the children. Many of them named their birds and also shared which superpowers they had. For example, one child spoke of their bird with a superpower to be able to go in and out of past and future, while another created a god of all other birds! Thank you Tansy for a very engaging workshop with the children of Artreach at
Tara Homes.’

- Shivangi, Artreach 2023 Co ordinator


‘I played the character of the Shadow princess in the play called THE COMPASS CROW. I loved playing this role . Shadow princess had such lovely lines to say in the play. I was scared in the beginning but once I started practicing the lines I was confident that I will easily play this role.I loved it and I was so happy to be a party of this Show.’

- Vanya, Young Ranga Shankara Performer


‘The Tara performance was one of a kind, with captivating costumes, a splendid and a meaningful storyline. One of my favourite parts was the fusion of the tabla and the bird sounds - it just took us to a different world.’

- Maira, Young Triveni Audience Member


‘My experience with Tara playshops has been really fun, especially thanks to Tansy! Memorising my characters lines and learning exactly how to deliver them in a way that gets a reaction out of the audience is really satisfying, especially when it's made enjoyable. The stories are unique and the handmade costumes really add to the final product. This was a great experience for me, and I'm sure it's been just as good for everyone else who has taken part! I would love to participate in further productions if given the chance!’

-Maya, Young Ranga Shankara Performer


The playshop is open to all (Age 7 -11 years)

Playshop Fees: Rs.6000 + GST (Rs.7080/- Inclusive of GST)

To Register:

  1. To enrol please fill the registration form : https://forms.gle/W2Q54P62b7TBc8Lu6
  2. Please note that seats are on first-come-first basis.
  3. Payment can be made through this link:https://www.trivenikalasangam.org/product/classes/
  4. Please select 'Tara Playshops' in Choose Class when making the payment.