TARA Playshops

TARA in the realm of Mythical Birds - A Mask-Making, Poetry and Performance Playshop for young people!

A series of five playshops inspired by the ‘The Adventures of Tara’ with Tansy Troy at Triveni Kala Sangam for five Sundays from April 23rd - May 21st, 2023

The Playshops will culminate in a performance devised by the participating students on Sunday 21st May on the stage of Triveni Auditorium!

What will we make, what will we do?

*Design and create an original mythical bird mask of our own

*Devise and choreograph solo and group mythical bird dances

* Learn to sing a series of songs and compose a poem to perform

*Perform live on stage to an original music score
This Playshop is for young people : Age 7 to 11 years! 
Playshop Fee: Rs.4500/- + GST (Rs.5310/-) ( For complete series of Five Playshops )


Tara Playshop 1- Tara’s journey to the realm of Mythical Birds

At today’s multidimensional session we will:
1) Listen to the performance story of Tara the Crow meeting the mythical Garuda in the Land of Snows
2) Look at images of mythical birds from around the world
3) Think about the magical powers of different mythical birds and choreograph movement to describe these to a range of different music

4) Draw the mythical bird we would like to become, first as a sketch, then as a mask template. This mythical bird can be from our imagination, too.


Tara Playshop 2- Evolving the Story

Today we will:
1) Listen to the performance story of Tara and the Firebird
2) Learn to sing and choreograph to the song of the Firebird
3) Complete our mythical bird mask by adding the fabric feathers and painting the template

Tara Playshop 3: Tara in the land of the Phoenix

Today we will:
1) Listen to the performance story of Tara and the Phoenix
2) Build a nest and dramatic stage set centrepiece for the Phoenix to rise from

3) Add final touches and embellishments using metallic paint or iridescent sequins/glitter to add drama to our masks.
4) Explore and develop the character of our particular mythic bird:
what kind of nest does it build? Where does it build it? What do its eggs look like? How many do they lay? What is our bird’s cry or song?
Working around these ideas, we will play vocal and instrumental games to develop a soundscape and stage set for our story of Tara in the Realm of the Mythical Birds.


Tara Playshop 4: Tara discovers her very own myth

After her many meetings with mythical birds, Tara returns to the place of her own birth and learns the tale of how she too became a bird of power from her own Crow Grandmother.
We spend the rest of this session pulling together strands from each tale in the series, weaving our performance together and airing our songs, choreographing our movements on the wing. By the end of session 4,
each mythical bird character will have a solo poetic introduction to present for the final performance of dance, song and story in Playshop


Tara Playshop 5: A Gathering of Birds with Tansy

Today’s playshop will begin with a rehearsal of the performance in its entirety. Today we will rehearse choreography and songs in full mask and costume.
The series of Tara in the Realm of Mythical Birds playshops will
culminate in a musical performance for parents in the fabulous Triveni Auditorium performance space. The play will showcase development over a month of sessions in movement, song, spoken word and mask.

Let’s take to the skies!

Tansy Troy teaches for the love of sharing stories with children all over the world
through melody, rhythm, mask and movement.  Prior to the Tara adventure, Tansy performed for and with young people throughout the UK, France, Japan and India in schools, children's centres, theatres and concert halls.  She currently works as Leader of Learning for Drama at King's College India and in the holidays, reaches out to the children of remote Himalayan communities through music and art playshops and the young people's journal - Apple Press, which she edits and curates. 

The playshop is open to all (Age 7 -11 years)

Playshop Fees: Rs.4500 + GST (Rs.5310/- Inclusive of GST)

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