Classical Hindustani Vocal

The historical process of cultural development has given two schools of music since the 13th
century- the North Indian (Hindustani) and the South Indian (Carnatic). Hindustani music is
performed and understood throughout Northern India and the Northern districts of Karnataka
& Andhra. Hindustani vocal music is very wide and includes classical forms like Dhrupad,
Dhamar, Khayal, Tap-Khayal, Tappa, Tarana, Trivat, Chaturang etc. to present the Raga Music.

Dr. Garima Sharma an accomplished scholar and vocalist in the realm of Hindustani Classical Music (Vocal), boasts a rich academic journey. They earned a Ph.D. with a focus on Devotional Music from the Faculty of Music and Fine Arts at the University of Delhi. Their academic achievements include an M.Phil. degree, where they delved into a "Comparative Study of Gharana and Institutionalized Teaching Techniques of Hindustani Classical Music," completed at the same institution in 2011.

Prior to this, Dr. Garima Sharma earned an M.A. in 2008 from the prestigious Indira Kala Sangeet Vishwavidhyalya in Khairagarh, Chhattisgarh. Their academic journey commenced with a B.A. (Hons.) from the Faculty of Music and Fine Arts at the University of Delhi in 2006.

Throughout their academic and professional journey, she has been deeply immersed in the Banaras Gharana, showcasing their versatile style of singing, which encompasses Khayal, Devotional, Thumri, and Light Music.

Noteworthy achievements punctuate their career, including being a registered artist of AIR in the Devotional Section, Delhi, under the Government of India since 2014. She has graced audiences with their Devotional performances in various Indian cities such as Delhi, Jaipur, Banaras, and Kolkata. Dr. Garima Sharma possesses a remarkable talent for composing Devotional Music, including Bhajans dedicated to revered figures like Kabir, Tulsidas, and Meerabai. Her artistic journey also led them to participate in the dramatic society of Daulat Ram College at the University of Delhi, where she showcased their acting and singing skills in 2004-05. Her academic excellence is underscored by their achievement of the highest marks in aggregate during her B.A. (Hons.) studies.

She has contributed significantly to the field of Music through various publications and presentations. She has presented papers at esteemed events like the "International Seminar on Current Trends in Music Therapy Practices" organized by B.H.U. and the national seminar on "Bio-Musicology, Music Therapy, and her Medical Implementation" by Government P.G. College, Noida. In addition, their article titled "Raga Malkauns: Historical Analysis and Overview of the various types" was published in the journal of the Department of Music at the Faculty of Music and Fine Arts, University of Delhi, in March 2016. They also presented a paper at the International Seminar on "The Global Impact of Modern Trends on Traditional Music," organized by the Department of Music, University of Delhi, in collaboration with the Indian Council for Cultural Relations (I.C.C.R.) in 2015. Her "Globalization and Hindustani Classical Music" article was published in "Gulistan-e-Mousiqui," edited by Dr. Mohammed Haroon, under Naitik Publication, ISBN: 978-93-84776-08-4.

In terms of experience, Dr. Garima Sharma received musical training from their mother since childhood, fostering their deep-rooted passion for music. She embarked on a journey of mastering the Khayal style of singing in Hindustani Classical Music through the Guru-Shishya Parampara, under the tutelage of Shri Prof. Shailendra Kr. Goswami, starting in 2004. Dr. Garima Sharma has been actively involved as an assistant Professor, imparting training in Khayal and Devotional Music at Triveni Kala Sangam since 2013. Her dedication to education extended to working as a course developer at the National Institute of Open School (NIOS) in Noida and serving as a Music Trainer in various non-governmental organizations and schools. Furthermore, Her expertise has transcended borders, as they have provided music training to numerous foreign students.

Dr. Garima Sharma is proficient in Hindi, English, and Bangla, reflecting her diverse linguistic abilities that enhance their music and teaching endeavours. With a remarkable blend of academic excellence, artistic prowess, and a commitment to education, She is a distinguished figure in Hindustani Classical Music.


For Children and Female Students :

Monday and Tuesday between 3:30 - 8 PM one hour per batch

Saturday 4 - 8 PM one hour per batch 


For Male Students :

Thursday and Friday between 4 - 8 PM one hour per batch

Fee: Rs. 1900 + 18% GST per month

Please note: Payment is to be done only after the voice test

Class is open to all.

Children : 6-14 years

Adults : 15-60 years (Male and Female classes will be separate)

Please follow the steps to enroll for the class:

  1. Admission for Vocal classes is based on a voice test. To schedule an interview, please send your contact details (Full Name, Phone Number) to The office will revert and confirm the timing and day of the voice test.
  2. Registration form (To be filled after the voice test at Triveni) :
Please Contact The Office Before Making The Payment