Classical Hindustani Vocal

The historical process of cultural development has given two schools of music since the 13th
century- the North Indian (Hindustani) and the South Indian (Carnatic). Hindustani music is
performed and understood throughout Northern India and the Northern districts of Karnataka
& Andhra. Hindustani vocal music is very wide and includes classical forms like Dhrupad,
Dhamar, Khayal, Tap-Khayal, Tappa, Tarana, Trivat, Chaturang etc. to present the Raga Music.

Guru Shailendra Kumar Goswami received his training under his father Pt. Surender Goswami.
He attained his formal education in music from Delhi University, where he completed his M.A,
M.Phil and PhD in Hindustani vocal music. Guru Shailendra Goswami’s musical forte and skills
lie in his rendition of the Khayal Gayaki, the principal vocal style of Hindustani genre.
His deep-toned voice and its intense emotional appeal have made him a noted performer
amongst the Hindustani classical musicians, as is evident from his regular performances on
AIR and in music festivals. As a musicologist he has written four books on Hindustani music,
amongst which one is a book on the compositions of Sadarang and Adarang who were the
musicians in the court of Mohammed Shah Rangeele in eighteenth century.
He is a Professor in the Department of Music, University of Delhi and received advanced
training in Khayal Gayaki from the renowned maestro Pt. Rajan-Sajan Mishra of the Banaras

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