A beautiful lyrical and graceful dance form having its origin in Odisha.

Triveni offers a regular and certificate course for Odissi Dance. 

Class Days and Timings

Monday and Friday - 5:00 - 7:00 PM 

Saturday: 11:00 AM - 1:00 PM

The classes are open for children ( 6 years + ) and adults

To enrol for the regular course please fill the registration form : https://forms.gle/W2Q54P62b7TBc8Lu6

Ms. Madhumita Raut is the main torchbearer of Mayadhar Raut Gharana. She is the daughter of Mamta Khuntia and Mayadhar Raut, who revived Odissi in the 1950s with ‘shastra’ based knowledge. Her dance is known for its grace, depth of expression and technical perfection. She had been awarded a scholarship by the Delhi Government to study Odissi dance, in addition to a fellowship by the Ministry of Culture to conduct further research in Odissi. She is known for her innovative Odissi compositions on Hungarian poetry and on the poems of the celebrated German poet Goethe.

She has participated in various dance festivals in India and abroad and has taught Odissi in many countries including USA, Germany and Japan. She is a recipient of numerous prestigious awards such as the Orissa State Ghungur Samman, Utkal Kanya Award, Mahila Shakti Samman, Bharat Nirman Award and Odisha Living Legend Award 2011. She has also written ‘Odissi: What, Why and How: Evolution, Revival and Technique.’

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