Flute is known by various names Like Venu, Vamsi, Bansi, Bansuri, Para , Murali, Kolalu, Kolavi,
Kuzhal, Pillankuzhal, Pillanagrov and many others. Most often made with bamboo though
wood and metal ones are also common.

Pt. Raj Kishore Dalbehera received his guidance under the guru-shishya parampara from Pt.
Niranjan Prasad, and later from Pt. Prakash Narayan Saxena. He is a soloist as well as a flute
accompanist of Banaras gharana and Gwalior Gharana. He has performed in many prestigious
festivals in India and abroad. He conducts monthly programs with his students and in 2007
and 2008 visited Nepal to teach students as part of ICCR Program. He performs regularly on
AIR and since 1992 has been teaching flute at Triveni Kala Sangam.
Pt. Raj Kishore Dalbehera has students from the tender age group of seven years to students
as old as seventy years. He has maintained a very high standard of dedication.

The Classes are open for all.

To enrol please fill the registration form : https://forms.gle/W2Q54P62b7TBc8Lu6