The Triveni Auditorium

About The triveni auditorium

The Triveni Auditorium is a stellar example of Joseph Allen Stein’s unique architectural style. The auditorium structure provides an attractive venue for Dance & Music Performances, Talks, Seminars, Film Screenings and Book Launches.

This fully air-conditioned premise has a seating capacity of 159 guests and has successfully captured the attention of many artists to select it as a venue for their enthralling performances.


Seating Capacity

Total capacity 159 guests

About The triveni auditorium

The Triveni Auditorium is a stellar example of Joseph Allen Stein’s unique architectural style. The auditorium structure provides an attractive venue for Dance & Music Performances, Talks, Seminars, Film Screenings and Book Launches.

This fully air-conditioned premise has a seating capacity of 159 guests and has successfully captured the attention of many artists to select it as a venue for their enthralling performances.


Seating Capacity

Total capacity 159 guests

Book venue

1. This fully air-conditioned premise has a seating capacity of 159 guests.

2. Triveni Auditorium is given for Dance & Music Performances, Talks, Seminars, Film Screenings and Book Launches. We invite you to please send your proposal to:


  • Triveni Auditorium has a capacity of Maximum 159 persons. No extra chairs are permitted. Sitting on steps or standing in corridors or anywhere is not allowed as per fire safety rules.
  • There will NOT be more than 12 present in the Green Room at any time.
  • Triveni Auditorium is available for Examinations in Dance and Music, Seminars, Lectures and short courses in art appreciation and performing artists for dance and music where the total number of performing artists does not exceed more than Ten. No ticketed show is allowed.
  • Triveni reserves the right to refuse the booking of the Hall to any party without assigning any reason.
  • Triveni Kala Sangam reserves its right to evict / remove any person/guest /invitee of the applicant /Booking Party, if he /she is found to be misbehaving or indulging in any activity which is in violation of rules and regulations of Triveni Kala Sangam or detrimental to the interests of Triveni Kala Sangam or its reputation or if the same is illegal / unlawful / or prohibited by law or indecent.


It is mandatory for the Booking Party to obtain a Performance License and furnish a copy thereof to the Office Manager at least 10 days before the show. To obtain a Performance License, the Booking Party has to submit the prescribed application form and Affidavit along with a confirmed advance payment receipt of the Auditorium to the Entertainment & Luxury Tax, Govt. of Delhi on its website after their confirmation then submit physically to the DCP(Licensing), 1st floor, P.S. Defense colony, New Delhi-110024. The Booking Party shall strictly abide by the conditions laid down in the Affidavit submitted by them to the Licensing Authority.


  • Supervision at the gates and ushering of guests to their seats. Ensuring strict discipline in the Hall.
  •  Full responsibility for liaison with police for maintenance of law and order, traffic control etc.
  •  Payment of Municipal or other taxes, if any.
  •  Triveni Kala Sangam Auditorium capacity is 150 seats but as per the Delhi Disaster Management Authority (DDMA) Order No. 353 in order to contain spread of Covid 19, a maximum seating of 50% of the Auditorium Capacity is allowed i.e. 78 seats. Therefore kindly restrain your audience to a maximum of 75 seats only. Booking Party must ensure strict compliance of these norms failing which Triveni reserves the right to refuse entry / or stop / suspend the show, without refund of show charges.

1. No cash payment is allowed. Cheque/Demand draft should be made in the name of “Triveni Kala Sangam ” Payee’s A/c only on Delhi Bank. For outside parties only Bank Draft payable at Delhi Bank will be acceptable.

2. Booking of the Auditorium will be confirmed only on receipt of full payment in advance and when once the hall booking is confirmed, No transfer of booking to a third party is allowed.

3. Triveni will not be liable for any loss of property of the booking party or cancellation of programme due to failure of Electricity or Generator or any other equipment or any act of God. Any damage by booking party to Triveni’s property is payable by the booking party.

4. No Oil Lamp or Flower or any decor is permitted in the Auditorium.

5. Smoking or alcohol is strictly prohibited anywhere within the premises of Triveni Kala Sangam. Nor are any food articles, weapons, bottles, briefcases, handbags, tiffin boxes allowed in the Auditorium.

6. Posters/banners/publicity material is allowed to be displayed only at the specified places provided for the purpose. No banners are permitted outside on the railing or lawn. Please get Prior approval for this.

7. For the purpose of Seminars and Conferences, up to 6 chairs and 2 tables with 2 sheets will be provided by Triveni.

8. Absolutely no outside equipment for lighting and Sound System is allowed at Triveni Auditorium. Nor any stage sets are allowed on the stage or anywhere else.

9.a) Triveni Kala Sangam shall not be responsible /or liable for any loss or damage or injury of any kind to artists, organizer, guests or invitees or third party caused by any reason.

b) Triveni Kala Sangam reserves the right to alter and modify the above rules and regulations as well as booking charges at any time.

c) Notwithstanding confirmation of the booking of the Triveni Auditorium, it is clearly agreed that Triveni’s Management reserves the right to refuse / cancel the booking of the Auditorium at any time without assigning any reason whatsoever. In such an event the amount received from the booking party shall be refunded without levy of any cancellation charges and no compensation or damage shall be payable by Triveni Kala Sangam. Further no GST shall be refunded.

d) It is confirmed by Artist / applicant herewith that all Seminars / programmes, will be within the ‘norms of law’ and norms of “good moral conduct”. No programme which offends general public sentiment or sentiments of any particular group will be allowed. In such an event the Triveni Management too has sole discretion to cancel the show. There will be no copyright violation and the party will be alone liable for consequences.

e) Triveni has the sole right at any time to control the number of visitors or refuse admission to anyone.

f) All government restrictions for auditoriums in Delhi will apply as issued from time to time

g) Delhi DDMA guidelines to be followed as applicable and are binding and supersede all terms

h) Also any cancellations due to closing of auditorium on the government instructions due any eventuality, the charges will be refunded except for GST

i) Entrance can be reserved to your guest for which you will need to have volunteers at the door along with our security Guard.

10. Booking is non-transferable.

11. Food, Drink or Unauthorized article are not allowed into the Auditorium. The Management will levy a fine for such violation and may stop the show, if so needed.

12. Triveni will not be liable for any loss in case the Booking party is unable to use the Auditorium due to failure of electricity or Generator any other equipment, riot, strike, earthquake, an act of war or for any other reason.

13. Final charges will be levied at actual as per prevailing rates on show dates as per actual utilization of facilities. Any damage to the Auditorium property will be charged on actual at the time of final billing and this will be binding on the Booking Party. Rates will be prorata and Triveni will charge for excess usage. Triveni Staff verbally informing the Booking Party for unauthorized excess usage will be considered adequate or taking deduction from the security deposit.

14. Any additions or amendments to the Terms & Conditions or the Rules and Regulations made by the Management from time to time will be binding on the party booking the Auditorium. The decision of the Management in the interpretation of the terms and conditions is final and binding.

15. The booking party will be solely responsible for any loss/ damage to any property brought for the performance or kept in the Auditorium premises. In the event of the booking party bringing in any equipment or items into the Auditorium, they shall be fully responsible for all safety, other legal/statutory requirements, third party risks, etc and the Management stands indemnified against all such risks. Any equipment brought in will need to be pre-approved in writing by Triveni Management.

16. The Booking Party shall ensure that all persons brought in by them to carry out the performance including any stage workers, Sound/light operators / technician/helpers etc fully meet the legal and statutory requirement. The Booking Party shall also be responsible for their safety, discipline etc. Triveni Kala Sangam Management stands indemnified for any claim including third party risk which may arise on account of any injury or otherwise.

17. As per the Delhi Disaster Management Authority (DDMA) Order No. 353 the following Standard Operating Procedure (SOP)/ Preventive measures need to be followed to contain spread of Covid – 19, by the Booking Party and its Guests:-

1. Adequate physical distancing of at least 6 feet to be followed as far as feasible.
2. A mask fully covering Nostrils and Mouth is a must.
3. Visitors/Guests must sanitize hands at entry and exit points.
4. Use Dustbins to dispose of used masks and gloves and other equipments.
5. Visitors must cover their mouth and nose while coughing/sneezing with a tissue/handkerchief/flexed elbow and dispose of used tissues properly.
6. All visitors are advised to install and use Aarogya Setu App.
7. Don’t enter the premises if you are feeling sick.
8. Avoid overcrowding in the foyer and washrooms
9. Persons above 65 years of age, persons with comorbidities, pregnant women and children below the age of 10 years are advised to stay at home.


In case of No Show by the booking party / or non-attendance by guests, Triveni Kala Sangam shall not be liable to refund any booking amount to the applicant / booking party.

Please Note : -

(1) Using the designated Open Space provided for giving tea or snacks only during intervals. Cooking is not permitted in the premises.
(2) Gas cylinder cannot be used at all nor any other heating device.
(3) Catering is allowed with Triveni Terrace Café (Canteen)

(Please contact them on Cell no: 9971566904). NO OUTSIDE CATERING OR FOOD IS ALLOWED, without written permission.

(4) The Space allotted to the booking party for tea or snacks has to be cleaned by the booking party before leaving the premises, otherwise an amount of Rs.1000 for cleaning the area will be deducted from the booking party’s security deposit.

For Performance (4 hrs slot)

Days January 2024-June 2024
Monday to Friday Rs. 24,000/- + GST
Saturday, Sunday and Gazetted Holidays Rs. 28,000/- + GST

For Recording (4 hrs slot)

DaysCharges till June 2024 
Monday to SundayRs.16,000/- + GST 

Please note:

  1. The slot will be of 4 hours with 3.5 hours with AC.
  2. There will also be a security deposit of Rs.7,000/-
  3. Above is Inclusive of air conditioning, fixed lights charges, six microphones, and permission for recording facility. Auditorium Hall timings are from 10.00AM – 9.00PM only, however if the booking party wants to extend or exceed an additional 1 hour or part, they will have to pay Rs.7000/- (Inclusive of S. Tax) per hour (the same will be deducted from the deposit). Maximum up to one hour additional is allowed per slot only. Closing time is 09.30PM latest.
  4. Postponement & Cancellation charges: If postponement or Cancellation is made more than 30 days ahead from the actual date of the program then 50% of the amount will be returned from the booking charges, but no part of GST paid will be refunded.
  5. Rates are tentative and subject to change any time. Please contact office to have updated rates.