Art Classes

The Painting Classes at Triveni Kala Sangam operates under the overall guidance of renowned artist Shri Rameshwar Broota.

We offer two kinds of courses:

Advance Course: 
Meant for students who have already undergone some training in drawing as well as painting in order to hone their skills further.

Beginners Course: 
Meant for those who have a keen interest and basic aptitude for drawing and painting.

DailyOfflineAdvanced11.00AM to 01.00 PMRs.5030.51 + 18% GSTRs.5936/-Mr.Rameshwar BrootaBased on interview with HOD
Mon, Wed & FriOfflineAdvanced04.30PM to 07.30 PMRs.3663.56 + 18% GSTRs.4323/-Sanjay RoyBased on interview with HOD
Tue, Thurs & SatOfflineBeginner04.30PM to 07.30 PMRs.3663.56 + 18% GSTRs.4323/-Satish SharmaBased on interview with HOD
SunOfflineBeginner03:00PM to 04.30PMRs.1567.8 + 18% GSTRs.1850/-Anju KaushikBased on interview with Teacher
 *Fees applicable as on 15.1.2022 


  1. The class is open to all ( Age Group: 15 years and above).
  2. Admission for Advanced and Beginner classes (Thrice a week) is based on an interview with the HOD of the Art Department. To schedule an interview, please contact the Triveni office. 
  3. Admission for Sunday class is based on an interview with the teacher. To schedule an interview, please contact the Triveni office.  
  4. Please note that Triveni will take a security deposit (equivalent of one month's tuition fee) on admission which is refundable within a 60 days notice.  Security refund request must be submitted via email/printed letter in the last week of the month prior to leaving with the acknowledgement from the teacher. If prior notice is not received or if any class is attended in that month, the security will be adjusted against the due fees. 
Tuesday & ThursdayOnline04:00 PM to 5:30 PMRs.3172/-Rs.2688.14 + 18% GSTSatish Sharma
SunOnline03.00 PM to 04.30 PMRs.1850/-Rs.1567.8 + 18% GSTMs.Anju Kaushik
  1. The class is live and is held on Google Meet. The class is conducted by the teacher from the Triveni Painting studio.
  2. The class is open to all ( Age Group: 15 years and above). 
  3. Admission for online classes is based on an interview with the teacher. To schedule an interview, please contact the Triveni office.  
  4. No past experience in the subject is required

Rameshwar Broota

Shri Rameshwar Broota has been heading the Department of Art since 1967 and has been playing a vital role in inspiring and guiding young talents. He is a renowned Indian contemporary artist who graduated in Fine Arts from the Delhi College of Art in 1963. Known internationally for his earlier satirical works and then very personalized large Monochromatic paintings with emphasis on “Man” and his conditions, Shri Rameshwar Broota’s works are housed in several important collections in India and abroad including the National Gallery of Modern Art – Delhi, Kiran Nadar Museum of Modern Art – Delhi, Lalit Kala Academi, President’s House and Kunst Museum – Dusseldorf.

Shri Broota won several prestigious Awards including three times National Award of the Lalit Kala Akademi in 1980, 1981 and 1984. He had several solo shows of Paintings and Photographs to his credit including an important Retrospective at Kiran Nadar Museum, Delhi in 2015. He was awarded ‘Artist of the Year’ by the Jury – India Today Art Awards 2016.

Sanjay Roy 

Shri Sanjay Roy who has been teaching senior students of the evening class since 1994, studied under the guidance of Shri Rameshwar Broota. He received the National Scholarship in 1992, Bansi Parimur Award 1995, The Junior Fellowship in 1998 and The Senior Fellowship in 2006 from the Ministry of Culture, Government of India. Since 1987 he has participated in several national and international group shows including the New York Biennale. He has had three solo shows at Shridharani Gallery in Delhi.

Shri Roy also makes Art films. In 2019, his short film got the best film award of the year.  He is also the Art Advisor for the Delhi Government.

Satish Sharma 

Shri Satish Sharma who teaches young and new students both offline and online studied Drawing and Painting under the guidance of Shri Sanjay Roy and Shri Broota.

He is from an engineering background and after working for a year he left that to pursue his passion in arts. He then obtained a Diploma in Art and Crafts from Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan, New Delhi and later continued his study of Art at Triveni Kala Sangam while supporting himself all this time by working at an Ad Agency. After working for around 20 years, he decided to pursue Art full time. He has been teaching art at the Triveni Kala Sangam since 2012.

He has had three solo shows at Shridharani Gallery in Delhi and participated in several group shows in India.

He has been exhibiting at national and international level for quite some time now and was recognized for his art in the form of a Senior Fellowship from CCRT Govt of India. He has also been awarded the Sahitya Kala Parishad Annual award 2014 and the AIFACS Annual Award for 2015.

Anju Kaushik

Anju Kaushik teaches young and new students on weekends (both offline and online). She studied Fine Art under the guidance of Shri Rameshwar Broota. Before pursuing Art she had studied science and is an MBA graduate.

She has been exhibiting solo since 2008 and has participated in several exhibitions including digital art show by Eco Aware Art Gallery 2021, 61st National Exhibition of Art at Lalit kala Academy 2020, TRAILS OF MATERIAL- Three person show at Shridharani Gallery 2020 etc.

She was awarded the Delhi Blue- AIFACS studio potter in 2019, Senior fellowship from Ministry of Culture 2019 and Gallery Art Positive Fellowship in 2012. Her works are in the collection of Vadehra art gallery, Sahitya Kala Parishad, Lalit Kala Academy and other public and private collections.

1. Is this a certificate course?

The Painting course offered at the moment is not a certificate course.

2. What is the duration of the course?

There is no fixed duration to our Painting course at Triveni. Most courses at Triveni are structured to be self-paced and aimed at helping students develop their own voice in the chosen craft. This structure allows the student to thoroughly explore the medium and understand its nuances without the constraints of time.

3. Is there any minimum age group for this course?

The classes at Triveni are diverse, and have people from all age groups. However based on the technical difficulties, the course is best suited for:

Offline Painting Class : 15 years and above

Online Painting Class : 15 years and above

4. Can I join in the middle of the month? / Do I pay the full fees even if I join in the middle of the month?

The fees paid for our Art Department courses at Triveni are on a monthly basis. So even if you join in the middle of the month, you will be required to pay the full fees for that month. The fees will not be carried forward to the next month.

5. If I am unable to join immediately, can I pre-book a class slot for the upcoming month? Can I make an advance payment to pre-book a class?

We offer seats to our classes on a first-cum-first basis. We will not be able to hold/reserve a seat for you in advance. We do not accept advance payments for the classes also. Please check with us for available time slots for our classes when you are planning to join.

6. Can I take a trial class before taking admission?

We do not offer a trial class. You may visit the studio space and meet the teacher before taking admission to the course.

7. Can I take a break in between learning?

Yes, the design of the course is flexible and you can rejoin subject to availability of slots.

8. Do you provide materials?

No, The student is required to carry their own materials to the class. 

9. Can I use the studio independently?

No ,none of the facilities can be used in the absence of the teacher.

10. Can I cover up for the classes that I have missed?

No, if a class is missed it cannot be covered up later.