Yoga Classes

Triveni Kala Sangam is pleased to introduces a 10-week Yoga Course starting from November 2022. 

Days and Dates: Every Monday and Thursday from 10th November 2022 to 12th January 2023

Time: 07:30 AM - 8:50 AM

Age Group: 16 +

Class Fee (for 10 weeks/20 classes): Rs.6500/- + 18% GST

We have a special discount for existing Triveni Students! 

To Register:

Iyengar Yoga focuses on three aspects: alignment, sequencing and timing.
Alignment means maintaining the intended pose while respecting the body’s boundaries. Iyengar yoga encourages the use of props to assist students within an asana without putting them at risk of injury. Effective alignment can help to achieve balance between body, mind and breath.
Sequencing refers to the order in which the postures are practiced. This enables a safe and structured progression of the poses, along with the ‘opening’ and balance of the physical and emotional body.
Timing: Iyengar yoga poses are held for longer periods of time. When stability is achieved in a pose, it’s then possible to safely intensify the depth of the posture. This helps to help develop strength and flexibility, along with sensitivity and awareness between the body and mind.
Curriculum and Methodology
  • Basic standing poses
  • Basic seated poses
  • Twists
  • Forward and backward extensions Inverted Poses
  • Restorative/ Supine Poses
The Iyengar Yoga class introduces simple standing poses - For example, the pose which involves stretching the soles of your feet, bringing even weight in both the legs and from there activating your legs correctly to support and lift the spine. As the limbs activate and the spine responds, the experience of opening in the chest automatically releases energy in practitioners. As with the legs, so with the hands, arms and shoulders etc. This is empowering at many level since they become much more aware of, and attuned with their own bodies and also learn how to unlock the closed or inactive areas.
Each week will cover a different focus area taking into consideration the mental and physical state of practitioners and the weather outside. Iyengar Yoga is non- competitive and is known for its adaptability. Further, we often make use of yoga props in order to enhance the accessibility of poses and foster graded learning. The asanas are gradually introduced so that awareness, precision and stability is understood and absorbed into the somatic memory of the practitioner.
Mohit Garg’s journey with yoga began in 2008 when he bumped into a book ‘Light On Yoga’ by BKS Iyengar, on College Street in Kolkata.

His initial personal practice was with the guidance of the book. His pursuit over time, took him to the RIMYI (Ramamani Iyengar Memorial Yoga Institute)in Pune 2010, a center dedicated to the practice and teaching of yoga.

He has also been fortunate to receive guidance from Geeta S. Iyengar and Prashant Iyengar during several intensives and has studied regularly with senior Iyengar Yoga instructors Jawahar Bangera in Mumbai, Zarna Mohan in Hyderabad and most recently with Rita Keller.
He has taught classes in Hyderabad, Delhi and with the Iyengar Yoga Academy - Germany for beginners as well as experienced students (Intermediate-Advanced).
Yoga Academy - Germany for beginners as well as experienced students (Intermediate-Advanced).

Fee for new students (10 weeks/20 classes): Rs. 7670/- (Rs.6500/- + 18% GST)

Fee for existing Triveni Students (10 weeks/20 classes): Rs. 5900/- (Rs.5000/- + 18% GST)

Please note:

  1. Payment of fees will be accepted only by crossed cheque (Payee’s A/c) or NEFT/Net Banking or Demand Draft in the name of Triveni Kala Sangam School Account payable at New Delhi. Account details will be shared once you have filled the registration form. 
  2. If you are an existing Triveni Student, please contact the office before making filling the form and making the payment. 

Rachit: 88-2691-3707 (11 AM-6PM)

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