Mask-Making and
Performance Playshops

A series of five playshops inspired by the theatre show “Tara, Compass Crow” with Tansy Troy, Benjamin Jacob and Pranshu Chatur Lal at Triveni Kala Sangam in July and August 2022

These playshops will be conducted from 11 a.m. -12:30 p.m. for five Sundays from Sunday 24th July onwards at Triveni Kala Sangam. The playshops will culminate in a performance devised by the participating students.

What will we make, what will we do?

*Design and create our own bird mask

*Devise and choreograph solo and group bird dances and song

*Perform on a stage for an audience with live tabla and cajon music

Date and Time: 11am-12:30pm for five Sundays from Sunday 24th July

For children aged 7-11 years old


For complete series of five playshops: Rs 4,000/- + GST (Rs 4720/-)

(Charges are inclusive of mask-making materials)

Triveni Kala Sangam, 205, Tansen Marg, New Delhi

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Tara, Compass Crow is a tale of adventure and friendship, menace and intrigue and finally, celebration.

Tara’s message is that of the need for environmental conservation. Tara speaks out on behalf of Nature at a time when 70% of the world’s birds are caged and only 4% of all living creatures are left in the wild.

Tara interprets ancient Indian history and geography of the Indus Valley civilisation through the contemporary and lively art forms of original dance, song, spoken word and mask and celebrates Tara’s spirit of generosity, compassion and responsibility towards all living creatures. Through her actions, Tara serves as a role model for young people everywhere at this critical time for Humanity.

Tara, Compass Crow will be premiering at Triveni Kala Sangam on Sunday, 17th July 2022. To reserve your seats for the show, call or message on: +91-8091264492

The Tara Playshops are led by three of Tara’s Artists and Performers:

Mask Maker and Vocalist Tansy Troy (Playshops 1,2 and 3)

Choreographer and Performer Benjamin Jacob (Playshop 4)

Master Tabla player and Percussionist Pranshu Chatur Lal (Playshop 5)

Here’s a little more about us:

Tansy Troy teaches for the love of sharing stories with children all over the world through melody, rhythm, mask and movement. Prior to the Tara adventure, Tansy performed for and with young people throughout the UK, France, Japan and India in schools, children's centres, theatres and concert halls. She currently works as Leader of Learning for Drama at King's College India and in the holidays, reaches out to the children of remote Himalayan communities through music and art playshops and the young people's journal Apple Press, which she edits and curates.



Benjamin Jacob, Benjamin Jacob is the Artistic Director of Jacob's Dance Company. He has been working in the industry for over 12 years as a performer, teacher, choreographer and mentor. A former principal dancer of The Danceworx, Benjamin completed his intensive study and training in London with the English National Ballet, Ballet Rambert and Kerry Nicholls Dance program. He is also the creator and producer of The Movement Festival, an outdoor festival for flow artists. @taracompasscrow


Pranshu Chatur Lal popularly known as the ‘Prince of Tabla’, is a born prodigy recognized not only for his virtuosity but also for his ability to bridge and blend classical, folk and popular traditions. He is fast-growing into one of the finest tabla players in India and has developed an innovative style with which regales audiences of all ages.


Tara Playshop 1- Finding Your Bird with Tansy

In the play Tara, Compass Crow, Tara frees many birds from their cages on the Island of Jaziraat, birds of different plumage and cry.

At today’s multidimensional session we will:

1) Look at images of many different birds and choose one we would like to become

2) Think about how different birds move and imitate their movements in some physical warm-ups

3) Draw the bird we would like to become, first as a sketch, then as a mask template.

4) Choose from a wide range of fabrics and colours and create the plumage for our mask

Tara Playshop 2- Evolving your Mask with Tansy

Continuing from the last session, we will complete adding the feathers to one side of our bird mask today, either by sticking paper or fabric feathers, or by painting.

The children who attended the last session can move on to making their second template and measure and make their headbands.

Today, we will work with a partner to develop a short mirrored dance scene between two birds.

At the end of today’s session, we will attach both 2D template to the headband and act out the dance with mask.

Tara Playshop 3: Creating birdsong with Tansy

With our masks constructed, today we will add final touches and embellishments using metallic paint (to catch the light) or iridescent sequins/glitter to add some drama to our feathered friends.

Today, we explore and develop the character of our particular mask.

What kind of nest does it build? Where does it build it? What do its eggs look like? How many do they lay?

What is our bird’s cry or song?

Working around these ideas, we will play vocal and instrumental games to develop a soundscape and dawn chorus for our company of birds.

We will record successful outcomes from this session and use them later on for our final performance.

Tara Playshop 4: Crafting a Performance with Benjamin and Tansy

Now that our masks are complete and our bird characters developed, our songs in the air and our movement on the wing, it’s time to create our performance.

Today, we will work on choreography for a scene, devised by the group and shaped by Benjamin.

Each bird character will also develop a monologue introduction in preparation for the final performance in Playshop 5.

Tara Playshop 5: A Gathering of Birds with Benjamin, Pranshu and Tansy

Today’s playshop will begin with a rehearsal of the choreography developed last week. To the magical tabla and cajon rhythms of Pranshu, our young birds will perform their choreography in full mask and costume.

The series of Tara playshops will culminate in a musical performance for parents in one of the fabulous Triveni performance spaces. The play will showcase development over a month of sessions in movement, song, spoken word and mask.

We look forward to flying with you!

For complete series of five playshops: Rs 4,000/- + GST (Rs 4720/-)

(Charges are inclusive of mask-making materials)

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Payment can be done by Cheque in the name of ‘Triveni Kala Sangam School Account’ or you can make the payment online via bank transfer. The Bank details will be shared after you fill the form and we confirm availability of the slot.

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