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Gallerie Nvya is pleased to present THE WOVEN IMAGE, a VINITA KARIM solo.

In a world of contemporary practice, in the midst of subtle mutes and nudes, Vinita Karim’s
landscapes are proudly busy. On first glance there is an evident maximalist approach that draws
viewers in, inviting them to indulge in layers of metallic sheens, motifs, intricacies and slits within
configurations of earthen tones, vibrant blues, reds, ambers and golds. What speaks louder of
contemporaneity urbane than excess? City and rural scape today, both spill dynamism of people,
their means of movement and glimpses of peeking topography. There is a complexity in
organisational dimension resulting in an integration between natural and the made.
Her recent body of work presented includes an expansive range of media explored by Karim. Her
paintings are based on an instinctive mood. She uses her underlying sentimentalities and daily
disposition as torque to manifest. There is a constant back and forth, trying to decode her transcript
to find its roots and dissect its intent. The scorings negotiate their own stance while being part of a
larger architectural setting. One can see elaborate details that adorn a canvas with confident
geometry, vibrant colours, a purposeful ornate that celebrate both traditional craft and what one
may consider artistic practice. She shuns the idea of differentiating. Fantasy meets observation.
Within it all, the moon remains constant, anchoring each work to her roots.
The Woven Image also showcases her finely done embroidery work. The performance of the
needle resembles brush work, a liner or rigger brush with long bristles. Closer one gets to the
artwork, the beauty of the threads leave the viewer in awe. Karim’s practice of making sculptures is
a mode to expand her interest in found objects as well as a means to indulge in an approach which
does not restrict her in dimensionality or history. She uses pre-existing materials found on her
expeditions to engrave a part of herself, extending the narrative of the object.
The artist relishes the joys of inaccuracies, the moments of surprise, the spontaneity that comes
with risky technicalities of production. She uses her unique mark-making to create a dialogue
between the bygone and contemporary — as a means to eternalise, but also personalise; as means
to preserve historical links, but also liberate pieces from its older ties, giving it new life.
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