Pottery & Ceramics

The Pottery and Ceramic Classes in Triveni started in 2020. 

To the beginner students the basics of wheel throwing is taught. Advanced students who have learnt the basics are taught advanced techniques for refining their design and finishing methods including altering the thrown forms.

  • Wedging and recycling of clay.
  • Throwing cylindrical and spherical forms using the electric wheel.
  • An understanding of the relationship between form and function when creating objects of use.
  • Techniques for surface decorations using glazes and oxides.
  • Brief introduction to the electric kiln firing process.
Monday. Tuesday & Thursday11:30 AM - 01:45 PMRs.6750 + 18% GSTRs. 7,965/-Seema kalra
Monday. Tuesday & Thursday03:00 PM - 05: 15 PMRs.6750 + 18% GSTRs. 7,965/-Seema kalra
*Fees applicable as on 1.7.2022
*The fee does not include the kiln firing charges.
Note: The cost for taking finished pottery pieces home is Rs. 450/- per kg. This includes clay, bisque firing, glaze and glaze firing.
  1. To join the class please fill the form : https://forms.gle/StXxww3ngXjmywX28.  
  2. Please fill the form and select a time slot of your choice. After we confirm the slot, we will send you the payment details.
  3. Admission is open to all. No prior experience is required to join the class ( Age Group: 15 years and above)

Seema Kalra teaches wheel thrown pottery to beginners and advanced students. She specialises in high fired tableware and glaze decoration techniques. She won the Certificate of Honour for her work at the International Exhibition of Ceramics and Glass, MIKS 18, in Zagreb Croatia. Her work was part of the Asian Paint’s “ColourNext 17’ Forecast Album released at the India Design Week 2017.  She has also participated in group shows at the IHC and AIFACS.

1. Do I need to have any prior experience?

No prior experience is required to join the class.

2. Minimum and maximum age of students?

The classes at Triveni are diverse, and have people from all age groups. However, based on the technical difficulties, the course is best suited for students that are 15 years and above.

3. What is the duration of the course?

There is no fixed time limit to the course. It’s a continuous process of learning so it depends on each individual how long and to what level they want to learn.

4. Do I need to get any materials?

We provide all the materials in the class. You need to get your apron and hand towel and take it back for washing (COVID protocol).

5. Can I take the finished pots home?

Yes, you can take pots you make after paying the firing cost for the product.

6. Can I take a break in between learning?

Yes, the design of the course is flexible and you can rejoin subject to availability of slots.

7. Do you provide materials?

Yes, all the materials are provided by Triveni.

8. Can I use the studio independently?

No ,none of the facilities can be used in the absence of the teacher.

9. Will I get a certificate?

The course offered at the moment is not a certificate course. The teacher has the discretion to give a letter of reference to advanced students based on their performance as deemed fit.

10. Is there an online class?

This class is only taught offline at Triveni Kala Sangam.

11. Can I cover up for the classes that I have missed?

No, if a class is missed it cannot be covered up later.

12. Can I join in the middle of the month? / Do I pay the full fees even if I join in the middle of the month?

The fees paid for our Art Department courses at Triveni are on a monthly basis. So even if you join in the middle of the month, you will be required to pay the full fees for that month. The fees will not be carried forward to the next month.

13. If I am unable to join immediately, can I pre-book a class slot for the upcoming month? Can I make an advance payment to pre-book a class?

We offer seats to our classes on a first-cum-first basis. We will not be able to hold/reserve a seat for you in advance. We do not accept advance payments for the classes also. Please check with us for available time slots for our classes when you are planning to join.

14. Can I take a trial class before taking admission?

We do not offer a trial class. You may visit the studio space and meet the teacher before taking admission to the course.